You won’t be able to go to school with a cold

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We return to class from 14 September, but it will not be a school year like any other: the risk of a second wave of Covid-19 forces us to rethink many things. And to introduce strict rules of prevention. Among these, there is one that has gone unnoticed for now: you won’t be able to go to school with a cold. The ban written black on white in the Guidelines published yesterday by the MIUR. This is a rule that aims to minimize the risk of students and staff becoming infected. But that could have a gigantic impact.

No symptoms in the previous three days

The general organizational measures listed in the Ministry’s Guidelines read: The precondition for the presence of students and all staff at school: the absence of respiratory symptoms or body temperature above 37.5C ​​even in the previous three days; have not been in quarantine in the past 14 days; have not been in contact with positive people in the past 14 days. So the clearest interpretation seems to be this: students, teachers and administrators who have had a fever or a respiratory symptomatology cannot show up at school within three dayslater. Let’s say, for example, that a child has a bit of a cold on Saturday, and only on Saturday: even if he is better, on paper he should not go back to the classroom until Tuesday.

The rules

The ban reaffirmed more clearly in the Five rules for safe return to school, always contained in the Guidelines, which reads: If you have symptoms of acute respiratory infections (fever, cough, cold), talk to your parents immediately and DO NOT come to school. No mention here of the three days mentioned above. But the strict rule: if your nose runs, you should not enter the classroom. And if the symptom occurs when you are now among the benches? Isolation starts. With procedures that schools are expected to develop by September. The motto is back to school more aware and responsible: together we can protect ourselves all. Just and sacrosanct. But a doubt remains: for many children and adolescents, winter rhymes with a cold. Not to mention the allergy season. Will the classrooms empty with every sneeze?

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