Youcef Atal wants to have a great season and return to Europe • Actufoot • Actu du foot pro / amateur

On August 11, 2018, he played his first minutes with the Nice jersey against Reims, signing his entry with great outbursts. 3 years later, Youcef Atal is still there, but time is running out. “The years go by too quickly … But I’m still here, always happy. I feel that I have more responsibilities, I like it. With the coach Galtier, everything is going really well, we exchange a lot. If I can helping young people and others like I was helped when I arrived, I do it with pleasure. This is how we build a family and a strong group. Now I just hope to be at ease with the injuries to be able to have a great season “, explained the full-back, not spared by physical glitches for several seasons.

Intelligence and maturity

In three years, Youcef has grown, learned and feels more mature. Appeared 64 times since arriving (8 goals, 5 assists), the Algerian side knew how to ignite his right side and drive the defenses crazy. But like all full-backs, he’s not sometimes singled out for his defenses. “With the seasons, you become more mature, that’s normal. Even in the game. You know better how to handle your game. At the beginning, I was playing hard. As soon as I had the chance, I would go, but in the end, I had no more legs and I couldn’t finish. Now 4 good climbs are better than 8 medium ones. That’s what I understood. “


On Sunday, OGC Nice will open a new page in its history in Ligue 1 against Stade de Reims. A story in which he wants to fully participate alongside the supporters. “Frankly, you cannot know how happy I am to find the public. The supporters are the charm of football. I’m telling you the truth: I missed it a lot. I hope that Sunday we will celebrate with them our first victory. I know they will be there behind us, as usual. We have to start well because we have things to be forgiven… Because last season, we did not have to finish 9th. So here, we must not miss it. We must have a big season, find the first places and Europe. “