Young Amazon delivery woman hits 67-year-old customer because she complained her package was late

An Amazon delivery woman was caught on camera repeatedly hitting a customer who allegedly complained about a late delivery.

Itzel Ramirez, 21, was charged with causing serious injury after the horrific home attack in California on Thursday.

Doug Smith, the owner of the apartment complex, told KTVU-TV that the victim received a notification about the delivery of a package so she walked to his lobby but the package was not there.

Itzel Ramirez was not far away, so the woman asked the delivery girl about what was going on. The latter then told him that the package would arrive soon. After the victim waited about 15 minutes in the lobby, she questioned the delivery woman again.

The San Francisco-area delivery woman reportedly told the 67-year-old customer to “check her white lien” when she complained about a late package. Doug Smith told KTVU-TV, “I believe the Amazon delivery girl said something about white privilege, and my tenant said, ‘You don’t have to be a bitch. “

It was then that Itzel Ramirez allegedly started punching the woman on the head and upper body. The young woman has since claimed that she was acting in self-defense. Security footage from cameras outside and inside the lobby shows Ramirez pushing the woman against the main entrance and continuing to punch her. It was reported that the victim had a broken nose and other injuries.

The owner of the apartment complex told KRON-TV that the victim was too shaken to reveal his identity and describe the facts to the press.

Ramirez is in custody and is being held on bail of € 80,000.

She was charged with mistreatment and bodily harm to the elderly involving serious bodily harm.

In a statement, Amazon said Itzel Ramirez will no longer work for them. “This does not reflect the values ​​of the drivers who deliver our packages. We take this issue seriously and this person is no longer delivering Amazon packages. “