Young Castelroussins participate in an escape game to discover the work of the municipal police

And escape game in the premises of the municipal police of Chateauroux. At the end of April, young Castelroussins took part in an unusual game, as part of the mission to fight against drugs and addictive behavior (Mildeca). The town hall of Châteauroux wished actions aimed at young people, to open a dialogue with the municipal police. What does the latter do, what are its missions? This is what these young people from the socio-cultural center Saint-Jean – Saint-Jacques discovered, in small groups and through play.

Break the stereotypes and clichés they may have about the police

The goal was to make them discover the premises, the laws, their rights, their duties too (…) through a game, the goal is to break the stereotypes and clichés they may have on the police“Explains Anne-Marie, animator at the socio-cultural center. The escape game was developed by Aurélie, a municipal police officer. It includes questions, games of speed, logic. “In general, we make visits to simple premises. There we can talk about a lot of things“ remarks the policewoman. Among the subjects discussed: drug use, on which young people do not hesitate to confide

Young people often surprised by the missions of the municipal police

Does this game really allow to these suspicious teenagers to reconcile with the police? Yes, according to Inès, 14 years old. “I discovered a lot of stuff, I didn’t know the difference between municipal police, gendarmerie, all that. I didn’t even know the police were here [place de la gare ndlr]” she admits. “The policeman is very nice, we were able to ask lots of questions. We see that they are not all the same“Add that girlfriend Mouna.”I even discovered that there was no cell here for the prisoners.“The two friends are ready to play again. That’s good, another escape game is planned in the premises of the municipal police, on May 25.

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