Young Family Man Moses Gama Shot to Death in Ambush While Buying Video Game in Houston, Texas

  • Moses Gama was shot to death in an ambush in Texas.
  • The boy was going to buy a video game and they killed him to steal it.
  • Authorities in Houston need help solving the crime.

Moses Gama, a young family man, was shot to death in Houston, Texas, in an ambush when he wanted to buy a video game. The young Moses Gama, 21, was married, the father of a son and his wife is pregnant with another baby. The boy was the sole financial support for his loved ones.

According to the case documents, consulted by MundoNowLast Sunday, May 21, 2023, several residents of The Post Oak at Woodway housing complex, at the intersection of North Post Oak near Woodway Drive, called the emergency number to report a brutal shooting.

Moses Gama went to buy a video game and was shot dead

Moses Gama, 21, was shot to death when he went to buy a video game in Houston, Texas, and the alleged sellers ambushed him to steal it. (PHOTO: Taken from GoFundMe)

The first patrol cars that arrived on the scene found the young Hispanic man very badly wounded by bullets and immediately called for the urgent presence of paramedics to help the boy by taking him to a hospital. The brutal crime alerted The Galleria neighborhood, an upper-middle-class area.

Houston Fire Department (HFD) paramedics responded to the call of Houston Police Department (HFD) officers to transport Moses Gama to a hospital in hopes of The doctors saved his life.

The boy attended the appointment without mistrusting the vendors

PHOTO: Taken from Facebook.

However, when the young Moses Gama was already in the emergency room, he died due to the seriousness of his injuries after the gunshot ambush. Detectives from the HPD Homicide Division took up the case and that was when they discovered details of the crime in which the boy had fallen.

Moses Gama went to that apartment complex in The Galleria area after agreeing to an alleged sale of a PlayStation console that he found at a good price in an application called OfferUp. The vendors summoned the boy at that point at 3:00 in the afternoon and the young Hispanic man was not distrustful.

Authorities ask for help to solve the brutal crime

PHOTO: Taken from Facebook.

HPD Homicide Division agents are tracking the OfferUp app to search for the alleged seller of the video game. In the investigation, detectives are also collecting video from security cameras at The Post Oak at Woodway in the hope of obtaining images of Moses Gama’s killers.

Detectives from HPD’s Homicide Division are now asking the community if anyone knows the true identity and whereabouts of Moses Gama’s killers to contact his office at 713.308.3600 or Houston Crime Stoppers at 713.222. 8477. All leads will remain anonymous.

“He was a wonderful father, friend and husband”

Moses Gama
PHOTO: Taken from Facebook.

Miriam Moreno, Moses Gama’s older sister, opened an account on the GoFundMe social network to ask the community for financial support and cover the funeral expenses caused by the boy’s murder. “Moses Gama… was a wonderful father, friend and husband… always thinking of everyone else before him,” says Miriam Moreno.

According to Miriam Moreno, her brother Moses Gama “was shot three times trying to buy his son a game for his birthday…he left behind a two-year-old baby and his 6-month-pregnant wife…. anything will help.
Thank you and God bless you”, implores Miriam Moreno in the account Funeral Expenses.

Thousands of people die from firearms

Moses Gama
PHOTO: Taken from Facebook.

The brutal shooting of young Moses Gama in Houston, Texas, is yet another incident involving firearms in the United States. The non-profit organization National Archive of Gun Violence reported that just in the year 2023, 16,770 people have already been shot dead.

As of Wednesday, May 24, 2023, of those people who were shot to death in the United States, a total of 7,266 people were killed and 9,504 committed suicide. The country has 241 mass shootings, where at least four people died in the same tragic event.


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