Young Italians are organizing coronaparts – Woman

The idea, which was born in Austria (the first coronaparts took place in Vienna), is spreading rapidly in Italy, especially in South Tyrol, and is already taking a disturbing first harvest. People who are not vaccinated against COVID-19 participate in the game in order to get infected, get sick, and thanks to the status of a healed person, be released from the restrictions. They prefer it to get vaccinated.

In the province of Bolzano, as in the rest of Italy, it has not yet been possible to prove to coronapart organizers that unvaccinated people and those who tested positive for COVID-19 were intentionally invited to the events. Patrick Franzoni, Deputy Coordinator responsible for the Bolzano pandemic, however, there is no doubt that the practice exists and is growing in popularity.

– Even very young people, also of school age, they meet the infected at these parties and try to catch the infectionwithout realizing that the virus is also dangerous to children and adolescents, he says.

According to Franzoni, such meetings have taken place in recent weeks near Bolzano, but also in other areas of South Tyrol:

An Austrian doctor recently told the press that the number of 30-year-olds caught in coronavirus in hospitals was increasing, and that a 55-year-old man had died of COVID-19 after “deliberately contracting”.


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