Young man denounced ex-partner for forcibly tattooing his name on his face

A young 18-year-old woman was kidnapped by her ex-partner last weekend. The subject decided forcefully tattoo his face to mark it as “your property”.

Tayane Caldas counted to Globo what Gabriel Henrique Alves Coelhowith whom he was in a relationship for two years, he kidnapped her and kept her locked up for the whole weekend at Alves’ house in Taubaté, in southeastern Brazil.

“He tied both my arms and said he was going to tattoo my face. I cried, I begged. I asked him not to because he would destroy my life and he said he would do it anyway. And while he was screaming, he hit me. I only saw the tattoo done afterwards and I could only cry“, said the young woman in the interview.

As soon as she was released, the young woman went home to tell her mother about the prolonged episode of torture and assault she had experienced. The woman went to file a domestic violence complaint with the police and the man was arrested, as he had a restraining order.

«I just want the people who are seeing my face like this, to see me, not to be afraid. You can’t be afraid, you have to report it, because everything gets worse », he said.

The aggressor defended himself and said that his ex-partner allowed him to get the tattoo, but the Women’s Defense Department will investigate what happened. In addition, Alves will remain in prison after undergoing a custody hearing.