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Young man spent nine months in prison for cutting a piece of watermelon

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A young Mexican spent nine months in jail after being accused of attempted robbery with violence, after cutting a piece of watermelon.

According to the newspaper El País, Uriel Núñez arrived on October 5, 2020 at a greengrocer in the town of San Salvador Atenco.

The 24-year-old man appeared at the scene in a drunken state and asked the seller if he could give him a fruit, receiving an apple. After this, he stared at a watermelon and broke it with a machete, which he had used while working to remove grass in an uncle’s field. After this, he took a piece.

“I went to ask the girl who was dispensing an apple, I asked her please, the word with which things are requested, right? And when I was leaving, as I was unconscious, I was not in my five senses, I stared at the watermelon and began to machete it, “he said.

The young man’s grandfather immediately arrived at the place, who began to challenge him and took the machete from him. However, minutes later the police appeared and arrested him.

After her arrest, Núñez’s mother spent two days and eight hours without hearing from her son. According to the media, the man never had the right to a call, his money and identification were taken from him, he was transferred to a jail, entered a cell and spent 15 days sleeping on the floor.

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In that sense, it was not until he had the first hearing that he found out why he was being detained.

According to the police, the young man had threatened the saleswoman and asked for her money. This was denied by both him and his mother, who assured that the seller also denied that they had stolen from her.

“Even when I went to see Mrs. Nancy, she got very sick, she started crying: ‘No, I didn’t want that for her son,’ ‘no, I’m going to support her in everything, to see how we can Get it out, count on me ‘,’ no, he didn’t steal anything from me ‘. I told him: tell me if he stole, hit or threatened you. ‘No, ma’am, nothing like that,’ said the mother.

Finally, the young man was released on June 22, after availing himself of an amnesty law signed by President Andrés López Obrador, which is for those accused of minor crimes.

Of course, he was fined 86,680 Mexican pesos, which he had to pay to the seller of the greengrocer to get out of prison, money that he does not have.

However, the woman signed the document assuring that she had been paid, for which the release of Núñez was decreed.


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