Young man went to look for work and ended up raped in a law firm in La Paz –

The La Paz anti-crime force proceeded with the arrest of a lawyer by profession who is accused of raping a 19-year-old girl.

According to the police investigation, the young woman went to a law firm in order to look for a job as a receptionist. Already in the place, the lawyer gave him a glass of water and after an acquired confidence, both consumed whiskey in the defendant’s office.

After this outcome, the young woman lost consciousness and was abused by a lawyer in his office.

However, the accused person, declared that this fact was with the consent of both people.

“Intelligence personnel arrest him, the accused argued that the relationship was consensual of both people. The prosecutor proceeded to charge him with rape,” reported the director of the Felcv, Cnl. Johnny Vega.

About, after taking statements from the accused and the victimthe Prosecutor’s Office made the decision to charge the lawyer with the crime of rape of the young woman.

The subject must remain in police cells until being taken to a hearing for precautionary measures.