Young Muslim Woman Complaints After Hateful Message From Starbucks Employee On Her Cup (Photo)

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A young Muslim woman has filed a complaint against the Target chain of stores after an incident in the Starbucks located inside a store in Minnesota, in the United States. When she received her coffee, the 19-year-old woman, named Aishah, realized that there had been written “Isis” (acronym for Islamic State in English) on her cup.

“When I received the drink, I was really shocked that even today, we can write such things. This word that was written on the goblet is a word that tarnishes the reputation of Muslims around the world, “said Aishah at a press conference held on Monday. The young woman claims to have repeated several times her first name to the employee when placing her order. The latter defends herself by claiming that she had simply “misunderstood” the client’s first name. “It’s absolutely impossible,” says Aishah.

The young woman tried to argue with the Starbucks manager, who replied that “mistakes were happening” and that her first name “was not deliberately misspelled” but rather that it was a “mistake.” unfortunate ”. Aishah then received a $ 25 gift card and a new drink, before being pushed out by security guards.

However, she decided to file a discrimination complaint. The CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations), which represents Aishah in legal proceedings, calls for the dismissal of the employee who caused the incident and better training of staff.



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