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Vanessa Galdámez lived under constant aggressions during the years of her marriage. The victim's mother asks for justice for her daughter and granddaughter.

The Court of Peace of San Juan Opico He sent Juan Carlos García Alemán to prison for the crime of feminicide against his wife, Vanessa Galdámez Ramírez, who was 27 weeks pregnant, so the crime of aggravated homicide against her unborn child also falls on García Alemán.

Vanessa, 25, died the night of November 1 at the premises of the local Fosalud clinic, after being taken as an emergency, after her husband attacked her in the home where they both resided.

The couple's discussion that night was not the first. On more than one occasion, Vanessa spent the night at her mother's house, sheltering herself from the violence of her husband, who used to get drunk.

“Sometimes, my daughter came to sleep with me because she said she felt lonely. But it was because he (Juan Carlos) arrived until dawn, well taken, ”says Vanessa's mother.

Carlos's violence towards Vanessa had worsened in the last two years, according to statements by the young woman's mother, who said she had insisted that her daughter move away from her husband because of the constant aggressions. "I told him to leave it, but she said I loved him," he says.

Vanessa's mother even reports that her daughter had already been pregnant six years ago and after another discussion with her partner, the young woman suffered an abortion when she was just two months pregnant.

They had spent $ 200 on clothes for the baby

However, and despite that incident, the woman says that Vanessa was never open to tell or report the attacks He suffered in his marriage. Most of the time he kept them quiet and, if he dared to confess something, he minimized or diverted his attention by saying that he had suffered accidents.

“Once, she came to see me at the house and came with bruises on her arm. When I asked him, he told me he had fallen, ”recalls Vanessa's mother. "If I had known the truth, I would have done something for my daughter for a long time," he says and looks down.

The illusion of a daughter

After the abortion she suffered, Vanessa underwent different fertility treatments to get pregnant. The doctors told him that his chances were very low; However, he kept trying.

After several years, Vanessa got pregnant and, since that day, she and her husband did not talk about anything other than their future daughter. “Both were excited. They had spent $ 200 on clothes for the baby, ”says Vanessa's mother, while pulling out some of the clothes from a black bag.

Small pink shoes, pajamas, blankets and baby utensils that were still in their wraps. The marriage had everything ready for the arrival of his daughter, who was expected outside at the end of next December.

Vanessa's mother declares that her son-in-law was "crazy" because of the girl's arrival: her first daughter, because she doesn't quite understand everything that happened. He even claims that Juan Carlos looked like a good man, when he didn't drink.

“I saw them both grow up in my own house. I took the bite out of the man who murdered my daughter, ”says Vanessa's mother and remembers that the couple met at a young age, then they were boyfriends and decided to start a family together.

The mother of the murdered girl asks for justice for her daughter and granddaughter

In San Juan Opico, Juan Carlos Alemán, 28 years old, was dedicated to the sale of shoes and was the biker of the parish priest of the Catholic church of the municipality. Those who know him, describe him as a person dedicated to God, who regularly attended Mass, in the company of his wife.

Vanessa was a housewife. The young woman studied until the seventh grade in San Juan Opico and in her plans she was finishing her third cycle and high school studies, at a distance or even at night. Her wish was to find a job opportunity with which to help her future daughter get ahead.

The night of the attack

It was around ten o'clock at night, on Friday, November 1, when Vanessa Ramírez, 25, arrived at the facilities of the Fosalud clinic in the municipality of San Juan Opico, La Libertad. He died when attended by doctors.

The young woman was transferred to the unconscious health center, after being attacked by her husbandJuan Carlos Alemán. His seven-month-old baby also died despite efforts made by doctors to try to save his life.

After the attack, the man was arrested as the main suspect in the incident. The capture was made at the Fosalud facilities since it was the same who transferred Vanessa to the clinic.

Tax sources said the assailant tried to deceive investigators, alleging that thieves entered the house and robbed them. The detainee told the police that his wife was strangled and then he was beaten several times.

For the authorities, the subject's version was not credible and he had several doubts. After an interview, the researchers determined that it was García Alemán who killed his wife and his version was a lie.

“We are investigating whether the baby she had in her womb was his. She tried to defend herself because the subject has bumps and scratches, ”said a police officer.

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