Young referee of the Posadeña Soccer League lost everything in a fire and appeals for solidarity to reinvent himself

Ricardo Farías, is one of the members of the new group of referees who administer justice in the matches for the Liga Posadeña soccer. Last Sunday night, he suffered the misfortune of losing everything in a fire that completely consumed his home in the Villa Urquiza neighborhood of the provincial capital.

Ricardo Farias.

The fire would have broken out after a short circuit in the shower of the house’s toilet, which soon spread throughout the house located on Calle España, between Cabred and Ambrosetti.

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The collaboration of a fire department and the Misiones Police did not take long to appear, they were able to control the fire source but the house was completely consumed by the fire. Luckily, the fire did not advance towards the surroundings and no fatalities were reported.

Through social networks, family, friends and relatives of Ricardo Farías started a solidarity collection so that the young worker can get up from misfortune and start over.

“The fire devoured practically everything, it is extremely urgent that the solidarity hand appear at this moment,” Rodolfo Orlando Benítez wrote on his Facebook account. He also added that all kinds of collaboration will be welcome.

You can communicate at 3764242454.

Posadeña Soccer League referee lost everything in a fire