UNITED STATES.- A woman from Canada assures that it was the marijuana the one that managed to lose weight, were around 50 kilos which fell after smoking two cigarettes a day for two consecutive years.

The young woman tried diets, exercise and nothing gave the result that gave the cannabis, revealed that at 19 years of age he smoked his first cigarette.

According to Telemundo, the girl named Ayan explained to the aforementioned media that at first her friends and family did not believe that the drug would help her, but seeing the results of her thinness they ended up surprised and happy.

Due to its effective result for the consumption of marijuanaAyan tries to convince people to smoke this herb in a responsible way to obtain health benefits.

"I want to show that smoking can help you lose weight, I know it has a bad reputation, but it helped me," said the young woman.

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