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The initiative arose from departmental councilors of the grouping 15-40 of the Colorado Party de Soriano, and was presented to Mayor Guillermo Besozzi (PN).

The mayor met this Tuesday with Colorados who made the proposal that “aims to increase the number of blood donors in the department”.

Specifically, those who donate blood must have the free driving book when renewed or taken out for the first time, but for that must meet “a series of requirements established in the project presented by the councilors Santiago Fiorelli and Nicolás Carvalho”, Indicates the statement issued by the Municipality.
Nothing indicates that the plan has been approved.

The blood of the prisoners

The nationalist senator Jorge Gandini, for his part, spoke last week that it could be encourage prisoners to be blood or plasma donors. The plasma that is required is from people who have had Covid (in this case prisoners) and it would be for those who are suffering from the disease. If they donate blood or plasma they would have a reduction of jail sentence from “2 to 3 days”, Gandini proposed.

In the country, he said, there are “13,000 prisoners” and it is a significant number given the lack of blood donors that exists in Uruguay. Your initiative will go through the Pandemic Monitoring Commission.

The blood of the minister

The Minister of Defense, Javier García, went to the Military Hospital on Monday 3 to donate blood, adhering to the campaign aimed at members of the Armed Forces and aims to improve the situation of the blood stock in the public health system.

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