Your LG C2 OLED suddenly darkens? that’s why

LG C2 OLED sometimes dims suddenly, brightness drops while watching video or gaming? This is not a malfunction and your TV is not damaged. These are in fact features to reduce marking and also an inherent limit of OLED panels. It is possible to reduce the phenomenon with some adjustments.

First, there are two features on the LG C2 that come into play: ABL and ASBL. There is a lot of confusion on the net about these two terms.

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LG C2 dims when a bright image is displayed – ABL

LG C2 OLED dims abruptly

The first term, ABL, is actually an inherent limitation of OLED panels. The energy consumption of these panels depends on the content displayed. With a pure white image, every pixel needs to be lit and consumes maximum power depending on your brightness setting. But for all the pixels, the screen has maximum power consumption. This means that an all-white image will be limited by the panel’s maximum power consumption.

Concretely, when you watch a video and a very bright scene is displayed, if the maximum consumption is reached, then the image of the LG C2 darkens suddenly. As soon as a new less bright scene is displayed, the brightness returns.

To reduce this phenomenon, lower the brightness setting in the configuration menu of the LG C2. Note, if you’re using your screen with a console or computer, choose a dark theme or desktop to reduce the overall brightness as well. To better understand this function, you can consult this page: What is OLED ABL? Interest, problems and can we deactivate it?

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The LG C2 dims when a static image is displayed – ASBL

L’ASBL, Auto Static Brightness Limiter or in French automatic static brightness limiter is often confused with ABL functionality. On the other hand, when it activates, it also results in an image that darkens suddenly.

LG calls it “Temporal Peak Luminance Control” (TPC). This feature detects static content on the screen. If an area of ​​the image remains static, the brightness of the pixels is reduced in order to avoid marking / burning of the screen.

During normal use of a television with a video, a film or even a game, the content changes regularly, the ASBL is therefore very rarely triggered. However, if you pause a video for a short time, you should see the ASBL activate and the image darken. With a console like the PS5, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch or others, the home screen can also cause this darkening of the image.

It is possible to disable this feature, from the service menu on LG C2 TVs. However, it is strongly discouraged to do so.

If the phenomenon is triggered too often, you can take action to reduce the frequency:

  • Reduce overall screen brightness, reduces how often this feature is triggered
  • If you are displaying a static interface (console screen or computer desktop), choose a dark theme to reduce the brightness of the image.

Do you have any questions or problems with the LG C2 and the darkening image? Any tips to share? So feel free to use the comments.

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