your phone is now equipped with a super practical hidden feature!

The new function is called “Back Tap” and this technology was introduced with the iOS 14 software update. When a user taps the Apple logo two or three times on the back of the phone, they can achieve a certain number of actions.

In particular, you can control the volume of the device, take screenshots, return to the home or lock screen, but also switch from one application to another. Users can even set a double or triple tap to trigger a shortcut to features like Touch Assistant, Siri, Magnifier, and more.

To do this, you need an iPhone 8 or newer. The automatic update of the device is therefore not sufficient to benefit from this new functionality.

Here’s how to activate it

To make the changes you want, go to “Settings”, then “Accessibility”, before clicking on “Touch”. Scroll down to the bottom, where you will find a “Back tap” option. There you can configure this feature as you wish.

Be careful, however, some cases that are too bulky prevent the user from benefiting from this option, which will be available through thinner cases.



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