Your router could have been accessed by Russian hackers


If you have a router ( router ) in your home, you should change the password immediately. A global cyber attack aimed at routers and other network equipment, which not only affected companies or government entities, but also ordinary citizens who have a personal router for Internet access, was jointly released this week by agencies of the United States and Great Britain.
This attack is attributed to hackers backed by the Russian government that, according to the accusations, continues with an international attack in a campaign against government agencies, companies, and critical infrastructure operators. Washington and London issued a joint alert, saying that the broad global campaign began in 2015 and could intensify in their offensive attacks. And now, the Australian government also joins the accusations.
As reported Reuters US and British officials said that the attacks of the hackers They affected a wide range of organizations, including Internet service providers, private companies and critical infrastructure providers. At the moment, they did not identify any victims or provide details about the impact of the attacks.
In this regard, Ciaran Martin, executive director of the National Cyber ​​Security Center of Great Britain, said that Russia had attacked “millions of devices” in both countries, even seeking to have access to individual homes or small businesses to control their routers.
“Once they control the router, they also control all traffic, including the opportunity to obtain credentials and passwords,” said Howard Marshall, assistant deputy director of the FBI’s cybernetic division, in a statement. New York Times . “It is a tremendous weapon in the hands of an adversary.” Experts recommend changing the password of private routers, to avoid any possible setback.
The warning comes two months after the United States and Britain accused Russia of carrying out a damaging international cyber attack in 2017, known as “NotPetya”, which triggered a virus that paralyzed parts of the infrastructure of Ukraine and damaged computers around the world.
Although Washington and London had known for decades that the Kremlin was trying to penetrate their computer networks, the joint warning now seems to represent an effort to discourage future attacks, drawing attention to existing vulnerabilities.

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