your subscriptions can increase without your permission

Apple has updated its policy on subscription price increases on the App Store. From now on, the developers will be able to increase the tariff of an application automatically without obtaining the approval of the user.

App Store
The App Store logo – Credit: James Yarema / Unsplash

The news around the Apple are numerous in recent days. In particular, we learned that Apple plans to abandon the Lightning port in favor of USB-C from 2023. A widely relayed piece of information that has eclipsed another, much more annoying for users. So we put you in the mood!

Apple has updated its subscription policy on the App Store. Prior to this, users invariably had to validate the continuation of their subscription to an application when it became more expensive. In the future, developers will be able to increase prices automatically, the iPhone or iPad user does not have to validate the thing.

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App Store: automatic increases subject to conditions

A significant change that already annoys the main concerned. Fortunately, the developers are subject to conditions. Without these, it would have been the door open to all abuses. In this case, users will be informed in advance by e-mail and by push notification in the event of an increase. If they do not unsubscribe before the fateful date, they will however be automatically overcharged.

In addition, developers will be able to automatically overcharge only once a year. What’s more, the increase must not exceed 5 dollars or 50% of the price of the current monthly subscription (or 50 euros and 50% of the annual price). Thus, developers wishing to exceed these thresholds will not be able to impose automatic overcharging.

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To justify such a decision, Apple indicates that users tend to miss notifications relating to price increases. So that their service is interrupted, the users having not validated the renewal of the subscription. Still, they also risk missing future notifications informing them of an imminent increase… We will have to be more attentive in the future to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Source : BGR