Youth project LIFT in the children’s village of Lütisburg

A good follow-up solution or apprenticeship is also possible for “young people with difficult starting conditions”. This is shown by the LIFT youth project, which provides preventive support for young people from the 7th to the 9th school year. After successful pilot projects, numerous schools across Switzerland are taking part. »«

Young people at work in a LIFT company, the car garage Car-point, with the business owner Andreas Koller.


They clear shelves, do manual work, help in sales or pack fine products. The weekly assignments from the middle of the 7th grade are a key experience for young people who are about to miss the connection at school. The young people receive a small payment for their commitment and probably even more important: new self-confidence. Suddenly they have to share responsibility and their work is worth something. In small groups, the young people are specifically prepared for these assignments at school. The schools and commercial enterprises are systematically networked with each other and a positive development is set in motion. The aim is for the transition to the world of work to be successful after completing compulsory schooling.

Local businesses Lutisburg

Since autumn 2021, the youth project LIFT has also been implemented in the children’s village in Lütisburg. Eight students have so far been able to gain valuable experience in the adult world at weekly jobs. In addition to well-known companies such as Migros (Bazenheid) or Landi (Bütschwil), several local companies from Lütisburg also offer supervised jobs. At the Bleiker Plants + Gardens GmbH, the young people help with gardening work such as transplanting, weeding and caring for the plants. In the car garage Car-Point Lütisburg they can carry out simple mechanical work themselves under expert supervision and in Scherrer Holzverarbeitung GmbH they can help out in the workshop or on a construction site with carpentry work. The cooperation with the local trade worked excellently and the feedback from both the young people and the companies was mostly very positive. For example, Andreas Koller, owner of the Car-Point Garage, explains: «Working with young people gives me a lot of pleasure and keeps me young. It’s also nice to see how a young person develops positively after a few assignments. I think the idea of ​​LIFT is great and I’m sure that the young people can benefit from the practical work.»

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access to apprenticeships

The weekly jobs and LIFT modules enable realistic experiences in the world of work and create a new starting point for the young participants. Suddenly, unsatisfactory school performance and a lack of motivation are no longer so important, because in companies it is all about the practical requirements. The experiences of the LIFT youth project throughout Switzerland show that young people with difficult conditions can also find a good connection solution after compulsory schooling. With LIFT, the young people can significantly improve their chances when looking for an apprenticeship and thanks to the references from the weekly jobs, a suitable apprenticeship can very often be found. The fresh self-esteem also has a positive effect on everyday school life.