YouTube: BTS surprised with show at "America's Got Talent 2018"

YouTube: BTS surprised with show at "America's Got Talent 2018"

The group BTS was presented at "America's Got Talent 2018" Fans from around the world made the presentation of the band became a global trend and one of the most searched videos on YouTube.
As it is remembered, it was Tyra Banks who announced that BTS would be presented on September 12. The production of the talent show took advantage of the fact that the K-Pop band is in the United States as part of their world tour.
The South Koreans took the stage of "America's Got Talent" with the theme "Idol".
BTS began a career full of success since its birth in 2013. But it was in 2014 that the band would begin its rise to world fame with their first album called "Dark & ​​Wild".
Relive on YouTube the presentation of the South Korean sensation in "America's Got Talent":


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