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YouTube: Defense’s unusual goal against Huracán at the start of Argentine soccer | VIDEO | FOOTBALL-INTERNATIONAL

by archyw

The Tournament of the Argentine Professional Soccer League broke fires last Friday with him tie to one between Boca and Unión. However, the first picturesque play has just fallen this Sunday in the game between Hurricane Y Defense and Justice at the Tomás Adolfo Ducó stadium. The protagonist has not been a player, but the wind, which with its particular strength harmed Israel Damonte’s team. It all ended in a goal by Paraguayan Lucas Barrios.

As you can see in a video that is already viral on YouTube and other social networks, when the game was barely 6 minutes into the game, Alexis Soto, a ‘Falcón’ player, took a deviated shot that seemed to pose no danger to Marcos Díaz, archer of the ‘Globe’. However, no one took into account what the wind could do.

Apparently, the ball was going to leave the field, but the gale present in the Ducó made it take a strange effect, thus complicating the goalkeeper of Huracán. In his attempt to clear the ball, Díaz ended up ‘assisting’ Lucas Barrios, who only needed a push to score 1-0.

Fortunately for Huracán’s interests, the incident with the wind did not mean a major problem at the end of the game, since the ‘Globo’ won for the first time this season (2-1) after goals from Santiago Hezze and Enrique Triverio.

The video, which is going to have many views on YouTube, already has several reproductions and has generated comments on the well-known platform. Many fans did not give credit for what happened in the house of ‘Globo’. b

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On the next date of the Professional League, Huracán will face Atlético Tucumán as a visitor. While Defense and Justice will collide with Godoy Cruz, although before he will face the second round of the Copa Libertadores against Flamengo.

Hurricane defeated Defense and Justice in the Ducó.

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