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For now, YouTube is only available to users in India. At the end of June, the authorities of this country blocked TikTok

Фото: Toby Melville / Reuters

Video hosting YouTube has launched a short video service YouTube Shorts. YouTube announced this in its official blog.

The new service, like TikTok, can shoot 15-second videos, which can be overlaid with music from YouTube.

The application will be available for users of devices running Android OS, later it was promised to be launched for owners of devices running iOS.

During the testing phase, Shorts will only operate in India. In late June, the country’s authorities blocked TikTok and a number of other Chinese applications, including the WeChat social network, the UC browser and the Clash of Kings game. They explained their decision by the fact that the work of these applications inflicts “damage on the sovereignty and integrity” of the country, threatens its security and public order.

Reuters names Oracle as TikTok buyer instead of Microsoft

Фото:Xinhua / Global Look Press


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