YouTube: Luisito Comunica rejected a million dollars for his channel

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Mexico City / 27.11.2022 18:28:00

Luisito Comunica is one of the youtubers with the most subscribers in Mexico, because thanks to his content traveling the world he has managed to add millions of followers on his social networks. He recently shared with his fans that several years ago he rejected a juicy offer for the rights to his channel.

Luis Arturo Villar Sudek, better known as Luisito Comunica, is one of the YouTube pioneers who He currently has 37 million followers, however, several years ago he did not have the fame he has today.

Luisito Communicates |  darkroom

Luisito Communicates | darkroom

The famous youtuber recalled that in his early days he used to constantly check his email inbox so as not to miss any job or sponsorship offer to promote a brand or product.

That was how he discovered that a foreign company proposed to him to buy the rights to some of his YouTube videos from change of one million dollars, that is, a figure above 19 million Mexican pesos.

Luisito acknowledges that it was a tempting offer because at that time it had only 5 million subscribers And while that’s a pretty high number, at the time there wasn’t much information about video monetization.

for several weeks, the famous influencer considered accepting the million dollar offer for the rights to his videosHowever, after thinking about it, he rejected the offer since he took into account different factors that could affect his career.

The youtuber’s fans applauded the decision made by Luisito, if he had accepted the multimillion-dollar offer, some of his most popular videos might have disappeared from the platform.

The purpose of the famous influencer is for his followers to think twice before making an important decision and not to be impulsive.