YouTube Music: finally a serious competitor to Spotify and Apple Music?


This time, it’s the right one. Google has formalized the launch of YouTube Music on May 22. This version of his video service entirely dedicated to music streaming will be a competitor of Spotify, Apple Music or Deezer. It will be charged $ 9.99, certainly the equivalent in euros in France at its launch in the coming weeks.

For this price, advertising on music videos will be removed, it will be possible to listen to them in the background and download the songs for offline listening. A free version, without these benefits, will also be offered. A mobile application and a computer player will be specially designed for these musical uses.

Rare songs and a very effective search

YouTube, like its competitors, focuses on personalized recommendations and contextualized playlists (before flying, playing sports, etc.), but its main differentiations should come from elsewhere. YouTube is full of remixes, live, covers and other alternative versions not necessarily available from its competitors. In this, Google’s service is getting closer to the diversity available on Soundcloud . In contrast, Google does not specify how many millions of titles are available in total.

The other benefit also comes from the power of its search engine. In a blog post , YouTube Music Product Manager Elias Roman says it’s enough to grab “that hipster song with whistling” to catch Peter Bjorn and John’s Young Folks. Same thing with lyrics, a simple sentence will find the song from which it is extracted.

Chains dedicated to each artist

Moreover, Content ID, the system for recognizing songs to determine their copyright, will also serve to clarify their credits or words. It may be that songs are not officially uploaded to YouTube. In this case, these videos posted by third parties will enjoy the same additional content as those directly managed by artists or record companies.

A few weeks ago, YouTube began to prevent chains of artists would be created to join their songs . Already active, they make life easier for users who only have to subscribe to these channels to follow all the new videos of their favorite artists.

                                                     – An example of a channel, here the one dedicated to the singer PJ Harvey. A YouTube Red offer upside down

The availability of YouTube Music also rebates the cards of the offer Red, proposed since 2015. It also benefits from the removal of advertising, reading in the background and downloading on all videos ( not just musical). It also gives access to the original content of YouTube, like Cobra Kai , the sequel to the Karate Kid saga available since May. Now known as YouTube Premium, its price has risen from $ 9.99 to $ 11.99, as it now also includes the Music offer.

Other original content should soon arrive on YouTube Premium. Like Netflix, Amazon or Apple, the service also invests heavily in production. A documentary series on artificial intelligence produced by Robert Downey Jr and his wife Susan Downey would even be in the pipes, after The Verge .

Available from May 22 in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and South Korea, the Music and Premium offer will be launched the following weeks in France and in thirteen other European countries. A page in French is even already online to present the offer.


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