YouTube Music is already testing a button in the web version to stream content to speakers and Chromecast

A few hours ago we saw how YouTube implemented a function to continue playing a video on the web after starting it on the mobile on a television with Android TV. And now it’s YouTube Music that start testing a feature to stream content to other devices.

Until now, YouTube was the platform that allowed you to send content through a button that appears in the lower area of ​​the window and that allows you to send the video to another device. However, YouTube Music lacks this option, at least until now, since two users already have seen a similar shortcut appear to send content to other devices.

Send to speakers and Chromecast

It has been through the YouTube Music web application, which until now lacked native integration with Cast to be able to send content. Something that may change shortly if we pay attention to what two users say on Reddit.

Who's Winning the Music Streaming War

These two users claim that on the web version of YouTube Music have seen a button appear to transmit. A shortcut located in the upper right corner of the website next to your profile avatar that allows you to send the content that is playing to another device.

Among the devices listed, a Chromecast appears, a Nest Hub Max speaker … an interesting step to be able to expand the sound that in computers can represent low quality and that gains integers when taking it to connected speakers.

In the tests that I have performed, for now I have not seen that it has active the transmission of YouTube Music, but if the indications are true, it should not take long for a global rollout of this new function to arrive.

Via | 9to5Google