YouTube Rewind Annual Review will be canceled in 2020: ‘It doesn’t feel right’ | NOW

YouTube Rewind, the annual video in which YouTube looks back over the past year, will not be published in 2020, the company said in a statement Twitter.

With Rewind, YouTube has been looking back on the year since 2010, including a role for popular creators, references to recognizable events and internet culture.

“But 2020 is different. And it does not feel good to continue as if that is not the case,” YouTube writes about the choice not to release a video this year.

The company sees Rewind as a way to pay tribute to the creators the platform abounds, “whether you love it – or just remember 2018.” That’s a reference to the poorly received video YouTube made two years ago.

The 8-minute video received widespread criticism and became the worst-rated video on the site within days. YouTubers criticized, among other things, that Rewind was not a representative overview of popular videos from the past year that year.



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