Youtube star El-Jindaoui: Naders Trikot lays Hertha’s Online Shop – Bundesliga

It’s Nader madness!

At 2 p.m. on Friday afternoon, Hertha released the jersey of U23 signing Nader El-Jindaoui (25).

Sounds unspectacular – but led to a crazy rush to the Bundesliga club’s online shop, as a result of which even the servers gave way.

Not Boateng, not Bobic: who paralyzes Hertha’s online shop? Nader!

The site remained difficult to access throughout Friday afternoon. Most users got an error message – the website was completely overloaded.

This error message appeared to visitors to the Hertha online shopPhoto: Hertha BSC

Who is the man from the second team of the capital club who started this hype?

El-Jindaoui only switched to Hertha at the beginning of June, coming from regional league competitor Berliner AK. But it’s not (only) the footballer El-Jindaoui (market value 200,000 euros) that inspires the masses – Nader is an Internet star!

1.6 million fans follow him on the Instagram platform. His wife Louisa even has 1.7 million followers there! On YouTube, both have 1.2 million followers with their joint channel…

What does El-Jindaoui excite so many people about online? Clips and photos from his private life. His wife and he let the fans get very close. Baby Imani can also watch the followers grow.

It goes without saying that the jersey of the social media star is coveted by so many fans.

Like all amateurs, El-Jindaoui was given a pro number: he dialed 37. El-Jindaoui explained: “The 7 was already taken. The 37 was free. The 3 stands for Louisa, Mila (El-Jindaoui’s sister, d.Red.), Imani and the 7 stands for Nader.”

A week ago, when the new jersey was presented for the first time, the shop servers could not withstand the onslaught of fans.

This time it was the Nader hype. El-Jindaoui even turned to his followers via Instagram: “After two minutes, the site crashed. Chill! You make me so happy, I have goosebumps all over my body.”

And further: “Don’t worry, work is currently being done to ensure that the site is stable again. But there are just too many people on the site. Actually, the site can take a lot, but what you guys are doing is incredible.”

This is Nader madness.