It will not be long before Bianca Heinicke and Julian Claßen become parents for the first time. Before that happens, the two YouTube stars have now voted in favor.

The newly wed couple happily reveals this via Instagram. The fans can look forward to some photos of the big day and congratulate of course. "Yesterday was one of the best days in my life, and after nine and a half years of marriage, I married my great love," writes Bianca Heinicke, who is probably better known to her followers than Bibi (YouTube channel BibisBeautyPalace) to a photograph that she and showing her groom.

In the long text, the 25-year-old makes a declaration of love to her husband: "Julian, you were my first friend, we grew up together and experienced so much together, you're not just my partner, you're my best friend, always is there for me and always makes me laugh. "

"Everything was just perfect"
Even Julian, who is on the net as Julienco on the road, has shared two pictures and some nice words. "We're married," he writes, adding, "Puuuh, to say that alone." Also for him the wedding anniversary was the most beautiful of his life. "Everything was just perfect and we are overjoyed, I'm proud to call you my wife."


In advance, the two told the magazine "Bunte": Our guests can be counted on two hands. We did not even invite our friends. Only our closest family is there. "When the baby is here and a little older, Bianca Heinicke and Julian Claßen want to marry yet church .. The son of the couple should see in a few weeks, the light of day.



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