YouTube suspends Bolsonaro’s channel for linking the Covid-19 vaccine to AIDS

The channel YouTube from the president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, it will be closed for a few days. The platform has suspended him for contributing to the health misinformation and not respecting their rules. The president has linked in a video the Covid-19 vaccines with the development of AIDS. Facebook and Instagram also removed the video.

The president was notified on another occasion

The penalty will be at least one week. YouTube already warned the president in July that it had violated the rules in another post. However, on that occasion the consequences were not greater. In case Bolsonaro breaks the rules again in the next ninety days, the platform will not let him publish anything for two weeks. If you have to be notified a third time, the channel will be inactive forever.

In March of last year, Facebook too deleted another of his videos. In it he promoted a drug against malaria to treat the coronavirus. Something that was proven not to be effective.

Facebook and Instagram removed the video

“Our policies do not allow alleging that coronavirus vaccines kill or cause serious harm to people” highlights Facebook to explain the reason for which they have decided to withdraw the video.

Health authorities deny Bolsonaro

In the video, the president assured that the people who are vaccinated against Covid-19 are developing acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. This is something that doctors have confirmed to be It is not true.