YouTube Suspends Mexican President’s Account for Daily Press Conferences Due to “Error”


The YouTube platform would have suspended the account that the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, uses for his daily press conferences due to an “error”, as confirmed by the company after the president’s criticism.

This Wednesday, the spokesman for the Presidency, Jesús Ramírez Cuevas, had denounced that the channel of the Center for the Production of Informative and Special Programs of Mexico (Cepropie), from where the conferences are broadcast, had been suspended from the platform “without apparent justification “.

Now, the platform has stated through a spokesperson that it was an “error” in one of its content identification systems that does not comply with the company’s standards, according to ‘El Economista’.

This is ‘Content ID’, a tool that automatically identifies videos that could violate YouTube rules, and proceeds to remove them from the channel or suspend the account completely, pending review and a possible appeal from the owner. .

In addition, the spokesperson has confirmed that all the functionalities that had been suspended have already been returned to the channel, when it was verified that they did not infringe the video and audio copyright rules with which the platform is strict.

The Mexican president usually appears before the media every morning to address a wide range of current affairs in the Latin American country during an extensive press conference, popularly known as ‘Mañanera’.

2023-06-01 04:12:08
López Obrador recovers the YouTube account where he broadcasts his press conferences

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