YouTube viral: woman enters the pool with a fierce tiger and both star in a tender scene

Great commotion in thousands of YouTube users is what has caused a video disseminated on the platform. A woman appeared with a tiger in a pool. The images of this meeting have been viralized in countries such as Mexico, the United States and Spain.

In the first seconds of video viral the precise moment in which she walked the feline with a rope tied around her neck was recorded, as if it were a dog. Minutes later, the huge tiger entered the water alongside the young woman.

Thousands of YouTube users believed that the daring protagonist would be attacked by the predator; However, the opposite happened: the wild cat cared for and protected her.

“What a tender moment”, “For a moment I thought the worst would happen”, “It is very surprising”, “I was shocked with the video”, were some of the messages that netizens wrote when they saw the viral from YouTube.


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