Youtuber made a noisy parcel anti-theft security system

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There are surely very few things in life as frustrating as losing an expensive package from Amazon or any other company to petty criminals. Being the victim of a recent robbery of this nature, an ingenious youtuber made the decision to create a curious security system that, in theory, will prevent a similar case from happening again at his home.

Ryder Calm Down, who currently has 11,300 subscribers to his YouTube channel, went to work to create a security system capable of detecting packages outside of your home and triggering a loud alarm when an unknown person removes the packages. from your place.

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The basis of this project is relatively simple, but it required a lot of programming knowledge and more than 1 month of work. Fortunately, all the effort was worth it and the end result is something extremely interesting and surprisingly useful.

Thieves will have a very difficult time with this curious security system

To carry out this curious experiment, Ryder Calm Down required a camera, a huge truck horn, and flour. So, and as if from a movie by My poor angel Whatever it was, he put those pieces together to create the ultimate alarm.

For starters, the camera looks directly at the front door and, with the help of an artificial intelligence and machine learning platform, created custom software that recognizes when a package is outside the home.

Likewise, the content creator had to program artificial intelligence to identify his face as that of a known person, which will allow the alarm not to be activated when he or any other authorized person removes the package from the place. However, as noted in the video, the system is not accurate and even a photograph of Voldemort is enough to bypass the security of the camera.

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Finally, and when an unknown person picks up the package, the security system kicks in and activates a loud truck horn, while also a water sprinkler attacks the criminal and a leaf blower ejects flour.

Of course, Ryder Calm Down is aware that the system does not prevent a person from fleeing after the alarm kicks in, but he is hopeful that criminals will panic and escape without the package.

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But tell us, what do you think of this youtuber’s work? Would you like to have a similar security system? Let us read you in the comments.

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