YouTuber tricks influencer with fake film “A hole”.

Influencer marketing is repeatedly criticized (see also info box): On the one hand, the high-reach players are relevant for brands, companies and target groups – on the other hand, the industry repeatedly attracts attention through failures and scandals. Now Marvin Wildhage – himself a YouTuber – has once again targeted the influencer scene and shown its seductiveness, as t3n reports. For this, the video producer came up with a fictitious film project that influencers should advertise.

Influencer advertising for fake film without a website and cheap script

His film “A Hole” is based on art house principles – and according to him is “the worst film of all time”. In the video, the influencer critic shows, among other things, the amateurish style: For example, the film producers simply imitate animal noises in the forest themselves. The rest of the film project also looks unprofessional – there is no website or trailer, the script is banal, the film poster was modeled on an anus – which is also what the film title alludes to. “It’s supposed to be about the influencers also finding the film shit, but because they get money for it, they still say it’s good,” explains Wildhage. The fake letter inviting the influencers to the film premiere claims that the film is scheduled to hit theaters in 2023.

Influencer Vanessa Mariposa falls into the trap again

In fact, the first offers including sensitive data should have arrived from influencers or their agencies just ten minutes later – including an old acquaintance who had already been presented by Wildhage: influencer Vanessa Mariposa. This fell for a similar campaign back in 2021, when Wildhage was looking for advertising partners for a fake face cream – with uranium, asbestos and “pipikaka seed oil”. The “cream” was lube.

This time, too, the influencer does not cut a good figure: in a video from vacation, she reports that she had seen the film before and that it made her think – but of course the “film” wasn’t finished and probably never will be . We have asked the influencer and will add a possible statement.

The video “Influencers advertise my FAKE FILM” has almost 800,000 views and around 80,000 likes on YouTube. Both the critic is praised (“World Class”, “Legend”) and the influencer, who was presented again, is criticized: “It is crazy that Vanessa Mariposa is still accepting collaborations. Another sad and embarrassing day in the influencer world” and “Vanessa has to look for her own new job after the campaign” are some of the comments.

And that’s not all: The terror of the influencers has already announced a second part of the fake film project.

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