World Youtuberin from Nikkietutorials comes out as a transgender

Youtuberin from Nikkietutorials comes out as a transgender


Nikkie de Jagger sits on this day, as is so often the case, to shoot a video for her viewers on YouTube. Her YouTube channel for make-up and makeup is called "Nikkietutorials" and has almost 13 million subscribers. It is typical of her videos that she steps in front of the camera without makeup and then transforms herself with clever makeup.

On this day she is already made up and there are no brushes or makeup to be seen, but it is still about a transformation. The video is not called "The Alphabet Makeup Challenge" or "How to Fake Full Fluffy Brows" like her other clips, but "I am coming out". In 17 minutes she tells that she is more transgender, why she is now going public with it and what she wants to share with others who feel the same way. After a day, the video saw over 24 million people.

The 25-year-old Dutch woman was identified as male at birth, but as far as she can remember, she always felt like a girl, she reports in her video. Her viewers and followers did not know this private detail from the life of the Youtuberin before. The trained stylist probably wouldn't have shared it with them if she hadn't been forced to do it, as she does in this video.

Again and again she has to justify herself

“Today I am here to share with you something I have always wanted to share with you – but as my own decision. Looks like this opportunity has been taken away from me, ”de Jagger says to her audience. It was blackmailed by several people over a long period of time that they wanted to go public with the knowledge of their original gender. They are said to have accused her of de Jagger lying to her fans by not saying "who she really is".

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