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YouTubers want to save girlfriend at Waterfall – and die

Photo: imago stock & people / imago / All Canada Photos

The Shannon Falls in the Canadian province of British Columbia. Photo: imago stock & people / imago / All Canada Photos

Three YouTubers have died in Canada. One woman lost her grip on a waterfall, then the others died in the rescue attempt.

Ryker Gamble and Alexey Lyakh (both born in 1988) always lived the moment. They sought adventure, traveled for their lives, discovered the world and shared their experiences Instagram , on the “High On Life” YouTube channel , and in the Facebook group “High On Life Sunday Funday” , Now they are dead. Even Lyakh’s girlfriend, Meghan Scraper (born 1989), died in the accident.
Their last adventure was doomed to adventure bloggers. The trio visited Shannon Waterfall in Canada last Tuesday. In one of the upper pools they wanted to swim, like Canadian media such as the “Vancouver Sun” to report consistently.

Girlfriend loses hold and gets carried away by water
But Meghan lost her footing, was flushed by the water into a lower basin system. The two men wanted to save their girlfriend. But in the attempt they were also torn down 30 meters. All three could only be recovered dead.
The authorities have not yet revealed the identity of the dead, but the creators of “High On Life” have confirmed the death of their members.
With fans and other travel bloggers, the shock is deep. On YouTube other members of “High On Life” posted a video in memory of the three. One speaks into the camera, while the others, their eyes red, try to keep their composure and give each other a grip. Several times the speaker breaks his voice.
YouTube group collects inspiring stories under hashtag
There are no words that could describe the pain of losing the three dear friends, the video states. “High On Life” is calling fans to respect the privacy of group members and relatives of the dead.
But under the hashtag #HOLInspired, they can post the stories, songs, videos, and photos that inspired them – moments when Ryker Gamble, Alexey Lyakh, and Meghan Scraper were perhaps role models and sources of inspiration for their own adventures and their own lives.
The friend of Ryker Gambler, the yoga model Alissa Hansen, comments on Instagram and tries to process her feelings. “What was once possible now seems completely unimportant,” she writes. “Let us pray for their souls and their transition.” In addition she posts photos from happy days.

British Columbia’s Shannon Falls is set in 87 acres of parkland near Vancouver. At 335 meters, they are among the highest waterfalls in the Canadian province. The waterfalls are easily accessible to tourists, especially the upper natural pools are considered dangerous. (Jkali)

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