Finally, YPF added to the increases in fuels but with a lower percentage: 2.5% on average. In our region the liter of super round the 38 pesos and the premium the $ 45.

The company that dominates more than half of the market was the last of the leading companies that lacked implementing a rise for these first days of November, while not ruling out a further increase in the coming days.

The oil companies began to increase their fuels at service stations across the country on average between 5 and 7 percent on Friday as a result of what they consider a delay in the transfer of the increases recorded during the year of the dollar and the international quotation. of the crude.

Axion was the first to apply the increases. It was followed by the oil company Shell.

The modification was decided by the companies despite the fact that the two variables (dollar price and oil price) registered a downward trend in October and that from the 1 of last month took the currency from $ 40.50 to $ 36.72 Friday's close while Brent fell from US $ 84.9 to US $ 72.76.

In this context, the sale of fuels in service stations fell by 6.65% in September compared to the same month of 2017, with a marked collapse of 27.5% of the demand for premium naphthas.



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