Yuri and Carlos Rivera clarified controversy about their alleged conflict

They clarified rumors of Yuri and Carlos Rivera (Photo: YouTube Capture)

A few weeks ago a rumor that Yuri had come out of the musical “José el Dreamer” at the “request” of Carlos Rivera placeholder image who is the protagonist of the work. The situation was already clarified by both singers during the press conference.

They completely denied that this was real, since there is only great affection and respect between them. The real reason why the singer he left of the project of the work was because it faces health problems derived from the aftermath of the covid-19 that he suffered.

“Get that gossip out of your head, Carlos and I have great affection, friendship, we continue working together. God’s times are perfect and maybe I didn’t have to be there ”, said the singer by telephone during the presentation conference of the cast of the work.

He indicated with a little more detail the reason for his departure: “I really left this great project and I am still sad, because as you know I have dysautonomia, as a sequel to covid-19 and they required me to rehearse a few weeks ago. I already feel 80 percent fine, but the rehearsals required me one hundred percent and I had to sing 19 songs because the narrator is the whole work ”.

Yuri confessed that he maintains a good friendship with Carlos Rivera (Photo: Facebook)
Yuri confessed that he maintains a good friendship with Carlos Rivera (Photo: Facebook)

The producer of the musical also gave statements Alejandro Gou: “All those gossip that he got from Yuri, for nothing, Carlos is in the best disposition. My beautiful Yuri had already accepted me, we had already signed a contract, She had already started rehearsing, we took pictures with her, she couldn’t be because of her dates and because of her voice, ”he said.

In the same way, he commented that in his place will be Fela Domínguez and said that Carlos at no time had anything to do with Yuri’s departure.

For his part, Carlos Rivera revealed: “I recommended my dear Fela, but her talent speaks for her. Something I learned is that the star is the work and we are simple instruments ”, so I probably started the rumor with Yuri.

It is important to mention that Fela is a successful singer, she is mostly recognized for collaborating with different artists such as Pepe Aguilar, Pandora, Daniela Romo, Mijares Kalimba and even with Lupita D’Alessio.

Fela Domínguez, Carlos Rivera and Kalimba make up the cast of "Joseph the dreamer" (Photo: Instagram/@poluxweb)
Fela Domínguez, Carlos Rivera and Kalimba make up the cast of “José el soñado” (Photo: Instagram / @ poluxweb)

In addition, Gou confirmed that Carlos Rivera is his partner of Joseph the Dreamer, ” He was born in the theater, he loves the theater and well, in order to convince him to leave all his commitments, obviously I offered him society, as well as Daniel Bisogno, I would not accept doing The Tenorio if he weren’t my partner, ” he explained.

Let’s remember that Carlos Rivera returned to the theater after some time, previously he was part of the musical The Lion King in the Mexico version. So this news took his fans by surprise.

“Well, I’m excited, in addition to being here in the theater it feels like something special, here I literally grew up, here I was born in the theater fifteen years ago when I did Kiss Me a lot it was my first musical, “he said in an interview on the program Today.

On the other hand, Carlos Rivera spoke about his driving in the next awards Latin Grammy 2021 that will take place on November 18. Cynthia Rodríguez’s boyfriend pointed out that both this project and his last concert of his tour War 360 they will keep you very busy.


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