Yuri tried to kill himself due to severe depression

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Veracruz singer Yuri confessed one of the most difficult moments in her life, since tried to kill himself before a severe depression that he presented years ago, was about to throw himself off the balcony of his house.

If it is people with good charisma and good attitude There is not one that Yuri is one of them, because she is recognized for having one of the best charisms in the world of music.

It was in an interview for the show Wake up America that the singer on the verge of an attack of jealousy confessed how was the moment when she tried to kill herself for having negative thoughts.

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I live alone, I have a lot of money, I live in this mansion alone ”.

Despite having great fame since then there were also certain things in his life that he could not have, such as children or a stable man, he had everything but it was empty, not having a family at that time.

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So I grabbed a path to jump off a balcony at home. “

That was how he said that he was nothing to try jump off the balcony of your house, But he did not do it, because he confessed that in his mind he heard a voice, which told him not to.

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Don’t do it, I take it and I give my life, if you take your life you will not be with me, you will not have peace, “he said.

There the singer realized that she was about make a big mistake, and the one who saved her life was God, who came just in time to help her.

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Singer he directed his life to faith and for more than twenty years he has professed the Christianity, ensuring that you feel better than ever today.

Yuri after that continued enjoying life, which allowed time become a mother and meet the love of your life, the Chilean musician Rodrigo Espinoza, with whom he has currently formed a beautiful family.



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