Yuya returns to YouTube to tell how Mar’s delivery was

Yuya go back to YouTube to tell how was the birth of Mar, in addition to answering other questions about her two months of maternity.

The time for Yuya to return to YouTube came, after having shown a frequent presence on social networks, the influencer announced her return after being a mom.

Yuya announces his return to YouTube

The influencer from Morelos, Yuya will be back on your channel YouTube, Although he did not give a date when his new video will come out, he left his followers intrigued by the topic he will address.

Through three stories on Instagram, the influencer subtly announced her return to YouTube after almost two months of becoming the mother of Mar.

Yuya breastfeeds her baby (@yuyacst / Instaga)

And it is that, in previous days, it was customary to see her more frequently in sharing content on her social networks, this after she left due to the delivery of Mar.

But yesterday -November 23-, Yuya said “how good it feels to come back to you”, after three months ago he uploaded his last video to YouTube.

Yuya returns to Youtube: he will talk about Mar. (@yuyacst)

Yuya will tell “how was the arrival of Mar”

Yuya she became a new mom with her boyfriend Siddhartha, son they named Mar and that they have shown, has filled them with incredible love and experience.

The influencer not only announced her return to YouTube, very soon, but said she was willing to tell “how was the arrival of Mar” to this world.

“I’m very excited to share my experience of how Mar’s arrival was!”

Yuya, infuencer.

Yuya returns to Youtube: he will talk about Mar. (@yuyacst)

Despite the fact that she pointed out what would be the central theme of her first video after taking a 3-month break from YouTube, It also gave the opportunity to answer questions from his followers.

“Shall we get the talk on YouTube? Ask me what you want ”, it was as Yuya opened a question box on her Instagram account to answer questions about her motherhood.

Yuya returns to Youtube: he will talk about Mar. (@yuyacst)

Later, Yuya shared a bit of her day, showing that yesterday afternoon -November 23- she did not have time to bathe because of how busy she was with Mar.

Yuya says that he could not bathe due to occupations with Mar. (@yuyacst)