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Original title: Yuzu tea selection UEFA Champions League Lazio VS Alkmaar Chelsea VS Borussia Dortmund

I have been under a spell recently, and yesterday was another mistake! Grapefruit Tea I have selected two matches of the Champions League and the UEFA Europa League today, and I must win the match today! Thank you for your support along the way, everyone pay attention, and you will not get lost in the future!

Tuesday 001 UEFA Lazio VS Alkmaar

Lazio beat Naples 1-0 as a guest in the last round. They have been in a state of turmoil recently and have an unbeaten record of 4 wins and 1 tie. No. 3 in Serie A, the main top scorer in terms of injuries is due to Mobile’s injury, which may affect the team’s striker!

Alkma defeated Vidis 1-0 in the round of the league. The team has won two consecutive victories and temporarily ranks third in the Eredivisie. It is worth mentioning that the current injury situation of the visiting team in the midfield is not optimistic, and the defense is in short supply. As a result, the team has almost no chance of rotation, and the game load on the team’s defenders is very heavy!

This game is the first round of one-eighth of the UEFA Europa League. The data of this game gives Lazio this concession, which is very good for the home team. After all, Lazio has been in good form recently, and the visiting team is not an underdog in the Eredivisie. A half-one concession can also stop the heat of the home team, so I think there is no problem for the home team Lazio to win this time!

Tuesday 002 Champions League Chelsea VS Borussia Dortmund

As one of the top six teams in the Premier League, Chelsea finished third in the Premier League last season! However, the overall performance this season is poor. In the last round of the league, they defeated Leeds United 1-0 at home and are currently ranked 10th in the Premier League! Lost to Dortmund by 1 goal as a guest in the first round, there is nothing wrong with returning to the home game this time!

Dortmund’s comprehensive strength in the Bundesliga is second only to Bayern. In the last round of home games, they defeated the Leipzig Red Bull 2-1. They have won 12 consecutive victories in all competitions. 2, with the current state is expected to reach the top of the Bundesliga this season!

Although Dortmund won at home in the first round of the confrontation between the two sides, they did not have the upper hand at all on the scene, especially in terms of the number of shots. It is just that there is a real problem with Chelsea’s offense recently. Only 5 goals have been scored in the last 12 games. This time they are back at home. Chelsea should invest more in offense while strengthening their defense. With the support given to the home team by the current data, I am optimistic about the double draw!

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