Yvelines: bloodbath in a building in Poissy

Yvelines: bloodbath in a building in Poissy

On the walls, on the steps of the stairway. This Sunday morning, multiple traces of blood still stained the lobby of this small four-storey building in the heart of the Beauregard neighborhood in Poissy. Located on rue de Villiers, just a step away from the Villa Savoye of Le Corbusier, the residence “Villiers Soleil” was the theater of a family drama this Saturday evening. They are neighbors who alert the police, around 21:30. They have just heard cries from a second-floor apartment. One of the co-owners, who found himself face to face with a young man armed with a knife on the stairs, tried to reason with him, to no avail. Poissy, this Sunday. Traces of blood still stain the climb of stairs, in this building, theater of a drama family Saturday night. LP / Elisabeth Gardet A few minutes later, on the third floor landing, police find a woman lying on the ground in a pool of blood. Still conscious, her throat is notched. Her husband lies in the entrance of their apartment on the second floor. He was also drunk and stabbed on the rest of the body and stopped breathing. The body of the father-in-law lay in the entrance to his apartment on the second floor In the wake, the police managed to arrest a young man as he tried to escape by jumping from the balcony of the second, still armed with his knife. According to preliminary evidence, he allegedly attempted to kill his 58-year-old mother after stabbing her father-in-law to death. The father-in-law – Vicente – and his companion are the same age. They lived in this residence for about ten years. The young man, aged 30, was housed there intermittently, depending on the neighborhood. Their next-door neighbor, a father, has not closed his eyes. “I can not talk about it,” he says, his throat tied. We have very young children. We do not even know how we will explain them. ” On the floor below, Huguette and Jean-Claude, retirees, have been living in the residence since the 1970s. “We have seen the neighborhood grow. And never have we experienced such a drama, “they say, sitting in their living room. Huguette had met Vicente that very morning, in a neighborhood business. The alleged stabbing attempted to flee by jumping from the balcony of the second “We had a little exchange for several years: I kept him the newspaper for articles on Real Madrid and he gave me crosswords, he left me in my mailbox. Yesterday afternoon (note: Saturday), he had gone up to drop me at my house to avoid me down on the ground floor, “says the old lady, collapsed. “Vicente told me he was a security guard at a Spanish bank in Paris,” continues Jean-Claude. I know he was passionate about football. Whenever there was a match, he hung the Spanish flag at the window. ” Like the other residents, the two retirees heard cries Saturday night, around 9 pm. Then witnessed the parade of police, firefighters and Samu doctors from their windows. “At first, I thought it was in the TV, but when I cut the sound, I understood, details Jean-Paul. I heard a man shout: Attention, he is armed! We lived a movie … But in real life. ” Seriously injured, Vicente’s companion was transported by helicopter in critical condition to the hospital of La Pitié-Salpêtrière, in Paris (13th). His son, who was also stabbed several times, was admitted to the hospital overnight, after being taken into police custody at the premises of the Departmental Police, responsible for investigations. His audition should allow to know more about the circumstances that surrounded this family drama.

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