Yvelines. In Saint-Germain-en-Laye, the Clos Saint-Louis house is open to the public

Arnaud Péricard, Virginie Bernoux and Stéphane Cardarelli cut the symbolic ribbon marking the opening of the Maison du projet to the public
Arnaud Péricard, Virginia Bernoux and Stéphane Cardarelli cut the ribbon
symbolic marking the opening of the project house to the public (© 78 news – JJ-P)

“I am delighted to be able to underline the unwavering commitment of our group to propose a project of excellence,” declares Virginia Bernoux, General Manager of Ogic. We want an environmental example, the vocation of which is to give back space to green space. These legitimate concerns must also echo with the conservation of the architectural heritage of the city. A very beautiful project is conceived and imagined thanks to talented architects, Antony Béchu and Olivier Herbez present this evening. »Virginia Bernoux assures us that the architectural and landscape quality of the project, its inclusive, intergenerational dimension, are strong markers of the group’s commitment to the service of a city which reconciles people, their well-being and their respect for the environment. ‘environment.

“This house of projects allows us to situate ourselves in the consultation, the co-construction of the project desired by the City, to be able to continue in partnership with the elected officials and with the inhabitants”, she continues.

We find here a model which allows to discover the project, its details, and to understand the phasing of the operation. A large-format touchscreen tablet makes it easier to discover points of interest in 3D. This space will also make it possible to keep Saint-Germanois informed of the progress of the work and to welcome those interested in reserving an apartment.

The Saint-Germanois are at home here

The animated model makes it possible to discover the project, its details, and to understand the phasing of the operation.
The animated model allows you to discover the project, its details, and
understand the phasing of the operation. (© 78 news – JJ-P)

“The Saint-Germanois are at home here,” says Stéphane Cardarelli, of the Marignan company. This project house is intended to be the house of dialogue, it will allow everyone to experience the operation at the same time as the work will take place, to come and get information and to be able to be associated in real time with everything that the operation will require. in terms of exchanges with the population. “

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Stéphane Cardarelli considers this operation as perhaps one of the most beautiful in Île-de-France today, in terms of urban integration, with multiple, major challenges, which have been reflected in the programming, with issues that revolve around of health, with an Ehpad, a retirement home, a nursing home, while respecting the existing heritage.

“You have put all the assets on your side to make this project a success,” replies Arnaud Péricard. There is already an exemplary element on this file, it is that of the co-construction with the inhabitants, and of the consultation which we carried out. If I want to retain something from the opening of the project center today, it is the method that was used, that of associating nearly 2000 inhabitants of the city for a democratic exercise. “

It is a beautiful collective spirit that drives us

“Now, we are all a team, continues the councilor: for the next seven years, architects, financiers, investors, developers, those who will build, who will manage day by day and the hospital, which is committed in an ambitious project of nearly € 30 million to renovate its premises. It’s a great collective spirit that drives us, it’s a great team that is gathered today around this model. “

Almost 400 housing units and 1,300 parking spaces are planned, with 6,000 m2 of green spaces, and more than 160 trees planted. The opening for sale will be reserved for Saint-Germanois on October 15 for one month, the first land acquisitions are scheduled for 2022, with work starting immediately, and completion scheduled for 2028.

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Jehan-Jacques Peyre

The Clos-Saint-Louis house, 5 rue de Poissy in Saint-Germain-en-Laye.

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