HELSINKI, Nov. 2 – RIA Novosti, Andrei Simonenko. The Olympic champion in women's singles, Russian Alina Zagitova, said she was experiencing changes in her soul due to growing up – for example, she noticed how summer began in autumn.

16-year-old Zagitova, speaking in a short program at the Grand Prix in Finland, made a mistake in the cascade. She leads the way with a score of 68.90, which is inferior to more than 11 points to her best result of the season.

“I’m going to the gym and starting to notice something. I didn’t notice how summer starts in autumn. And now I look and think how beautiful it is. At the training session there’s a completely different approach. I’m thinking more of an adult,” Zagitova told reporters.

"Excitement always happens at competitions, just before there were so many thoughts in my head. And now I started thinking how to do it, like that. The body remembers everything, and the head is a bit in the way," she added.

The figure skater admitted that the feeling of responsibility that she came to the tournament in the rank of Olympic champion does not bother her. "I have already proved everything to myself, I just need to ride in pleasure," she concluded.


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