Zalán Makranczi told about his little son with Down syndrome

Dóra Szinetár and Makranczi Zalán her common child was born in 2017 and was found to have Down syndrome. The couple said at the time that they had not done any prior screening for Down syndrome, they still love Benjamin terribly and do not ask for regrets.

Little Benji is already 4 years old, and his father, Zalán Makranczi, who is judging the star in the star Star, talked about their little boy on FixTV.

As much as everyone else, he is so different!

– said Zrán Makranczi, who says that his little son is an incredible personality and very funny.

He even told me a nice story. Benjamin figured out in advance that at carnival he would be a Tiger out of Pooh because he loves that tale. Dóra Szinetár visited the city and finally got the right costume. Then the day before the carnival, Benjamin was asked what would happen? “Benji sits and says‘ Frogaaaa ’. And I watched you not start this, your mother would commit suicide, change her religion, or deviate from her faith. ” The actor said.

Zrán Makranczi also revealed why he had deleted himself from Facebook.

I got bored with the hypocrisy. I was bored that no one was communicating what they wanted. I’m bored that everyone is hooked on everything and everyone has a frothy opinion about anything. (…) A big cuddly gold cage is Facebook, which people go in and happily close their doors to, I feel. And that’s enough

Said Zrán Makranczi.


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