Zamalek keeper Ahmed Al-Shennawi will leave for Germany within a week from now after his travel has ended, Zamalek doctor Mohamed Osman said.

Al-Shennawi will perform surgery to check the cruciate ligament and the inner ligament of the knee.

The doctor said that the surgical procedure required for the guard, is a surgical telescope to reconstruct and connect the support of the internal ligament by the endoscope with the work of exploring the cruciate ligament of the front endoscopic to determine if the injury needs to rebuild the front cruciate ligament or not, with re-lifting the articular surface and the need for need To make a super tinker.

The team doctor’s letter to Zamalek president revealed that the absence of Ahmed Al-Shennawi, the goalkeeper of the team ranges from 6 to 8 months, meaning that Zamalek goalkeeper will be absent at least until the next 11 months.

The diagnosis of the injury of Ahmed al-Shennawi, goalkeeper and national team, was cut in the inner ligament of the left knee, a suspicion of partial cutting of the front cruciate ligament, and the fall of the external articular surface of the upper leg bone.

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