CORONAVIRUS: ZANGRILLO of the San Raffaele SHOCK VIDEO indictment, ‘the COVID does not exist anymore, JUST terror!’

The The PRIMARY the intensive care unit of the San
Raffaele of Milan, Alberto Zangrillo, has sparked a real controversy after
be involved in the transmission
1/2 hour. Zangrillo said that “clinically the new CORONAVIRUS does not exist anymore“. As A result of the utterances of the primary, the
The ministry of Health and the Technical-Scientific Committee, have taken the
distances stating that the VIRUS is circulating again. Also the deputy minister Pierpaolo Sileri commented on the intervention, albeit in a much more cautious:
“Zangrillo said that those who are in the field do not see the seriously ill patients in therapy
an intensive care unit. But we must continue to use caution”.

“About a month ago we felt the epidemiologists fear
the end of the month-beginning of June new wave and
who knows how many places to the icu from occupy. In fact, the virus from
the clinical point of view no longer exists. This says the university of Vita e Salute San Raffaelethis , he says, a study of the director of the Institute of virology Clementi, says professor Silvestri, of the Emory University of
Atlanta,” said the personal physician of Silvio Berlusconi to Lucia Annunziata. A
the thesis immediately considered “misleading” by the pulmonologist Richeldia member of Cts, immediately supported
by the secretary of Paw.

Both have issued a warning to Zangrillo,
the “non-broadcast of messages” that can “confuse the italians” and that
“do not counsel caution”. Hard the chairman of the Board
superior health and a member of the technical-scientific Committee, Locatelli, that
he expressed the “surprise and absolute
disconcert the statements made by professor Zangrillo
” stressing
that today’s numbers are due to the measures of the lock-downa “result tells that you must push to
continue on the path of responsibility of individual conduct, from
not to discourage statements that are dangerous to forget the
the tragedy being experienced in this Country.”


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