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Zarya sets off for the races with Overwatch Storm Rising

Overwatch continues to annoy the fans as the launch of the Storm Rising Archives event approaches on April 16, this time with a brand new skin for Zarya.

Zarya's is the eighth skin that Storm Rising has unveiled, and it's an epic, along with the new cosmetics from Junkrat and Hammond.

Storm Rising is expected to start on April 16th and there is only one skin left to reveal before the event starts.

Players will also be waiting for information on a possible new map and information on this year's PvE mode.

Blizzard Entertainment

Racer Zarya

Zarya's newest skin is called "Racer," and they both color Zarya's outfit and change her hair color.

Her particle gun has been retouched to match her outfit, but this skin raises the question of what exactly is running Zarya: cars? Horses? robot

Since the skin is an epic, players will have to buy 1500 coins if they do not receive it in a loot box.

Some fans seem to be pleased with the new skin, but many people on Twitter seemed to be disappointed that the penultimate new Storm Rising skin represents a simple re-coloration for Zarya, rather than a skin for someone who did not have any new cosmetics in a while , such as D. Va.

What else do we know about Storm Rising?

Overwatch's Storm Rising is the third annual archive event to feature a brand new PvE mode in which Tracer, Winston, Mercy and Genji compete against Maximilien, Doomfist's Omnic accountant.

Including Zarya, eight new skins were unveiled for the event, of which only one is left unconsidered. If we look at the April 10 leak, the only heroes we have not seen a new skin for are Ashe and B.O.B. so she makes candidates for the final unveiling.

Storm Rising is expected to start on April 16, but Ashe's lead actors are eagerly awaiting the latest skin from their favorite hero, which will hopefully be released on Monday, April 15.


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