Zatlers explains Covid-19 infection as a need for a third vaccine

For President Valdis Zatlers, who has recently become infected with the coronavirus, the course of the disease is relatively mild.

He feels relatively well and compares the feelings to a small cold, for which he is grateful for the vaccine he received. In February, Zatlers received the first pot of Astra Zeneca, in May – the second, but now five months have passed, and the former president has become infected. He therefore calls on the government not to delay and to administer the third dose to the elderly after a period of five months.

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“I understand very well how old I am and in what condition my body is. First, it is one piece of evidence that the immune effect works for a certain period of time. For me, it’s five months after the second vaccination. For older people, immunity is reduced, so the clear message is that we are starting the third vaccine, otherwise we will lose the safe part of Covid-19. Focusing on those who do not want to be vaccinated is wrong, ”says Zatlers.

Although the illness is easy for the ex-president, he urges everyone to behave responsibly and vaccinate, if not for themselves, then for the benefit of society.



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