Zelensky’s appeal in Milan to doubters about arms for Kiev: “Please support us: it’s as if half of Italy were blocked”

“Ukraine needs help: modern supplies, food, weapons and equipment,” said Volodymyr Zelensky, who opened the Global Policy Forum of theIspi in progress in Milan. Just as in Italy the debate on military support for Ukraine brings the government majority back into fibrillation, the Ukrainian president spoke to those in Italy, like the senators of the M5s, who would like to question the new military aid for Kiev. Answering a question from the former prime minister Mario Monti, Zelensky said: “Please support us.” On the future of his country, the Ukrainian president relaunched the appeal that now accompanies his international interventions: “Sanctions against Russia cannot be enough – insists Zelensky – Ukraine must be reborn from its ashes: we must allow people to return to own homes, this must be our priority. Otherwise we would have an unprecedented crisis ». After Mario Draghi’s visit to Kiev and the aid received so far, Zelensky wanted to thank Italy, relaunching a front row role for Rome in the peace negotiation: “We need guarantees of security for the future – said the Ukrainian president. – and we believe that Italy should be among the guarantors. We thank the Italian government for its support ».

Three days before the next European Council, in which EU leaders aim to approve new arms and funding support for Kiev, Zelensky reiterates that he wants the war to end “and that our land does not belong to anyone else”. A call to restore the borders on which Kiev is supported by the European Council. And speaking of the process for joining the European Union, the Ukrainian president added: «We are protecting our common goals and values ​​with Europe. For us this is a unifying factor and I believe that is why we have received candidate status. The EU must only consider us an equal partner “

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