Zelletta scolded by Signorini and Antonella, then in tears for Natalia

Andrea Zelletta was interviewed tonight at Gf Vip 5 for a rebuke from Alfonso Signorini. Before him, however, there was a confrontation-clash with Antonella Elia! It all happened because of Andrea’s outburst against Franceska Pepe on Monday night after she called it a “bedside table”. A word that now infuriates those who the Web indicates as the bedside tables of the House. And while Andrea explained his reasons, he heard a comment by Fulvio Abbate, so he collided with him as well. Not an easy evening for Zelletta in short, but it was with the columnist that there were the real sparks. Antonella took the floor to say she was speechless and then used the name that the Web gave to Andrea to talk to him.

Gf Vip, Antonella Elia against Andrea Zelletta who is scolded by Signorini

Elia turned to Andrea like this: “I’ve never seen a bedside table that gets so angry. All your drawers blew up. Please, you are very comical, do you know? She studies. The Orlando Furioso “. Andrea asked if it was a compliment or not but Elijah told him to interpret it according to her preference. For Antonella the exit of Franceska on the bedside table was comical so she shouldn’t have gotten so angry. He is justifying himself by talking about Franceska’s unhappy phrases addressed to the other competitors of the House, but Antonella did not even go well with this justification. Then it was Alfonso’s turn, who reprized his competitor: “The thing I didn’t like was when you said Franceska took a few from her parents”. Zelletta admitted the mistake and apologized, explaining that he immediately realized he had exaggerated. And he added: “10% of what I said was dictated by fury. I apologize”.

Andrea Zelletta in tears as he reads the message from his girlfriend Natalia

It was also time for him to read what he wrote Natalia Paragoni, his girlfriend, to defend it from Franceska’s attack, and more. Andrea just reading the name of his girlfriend was deeply moved and his eyes filled with tears. After reading Natalia’s message it was a flood of tears, very much appreciating the gesture. So much so that he managed to say only two words: “Thank you”. He did not hide the fact that he missed him very much.


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